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With over twenty-five years of construction contracting experience,
Transcontinental Construction Concepts provides personalized service within an affordable budget!
Our specialties include period-correct renovations of both modern and classic homes, including the now iconic Eichlers & Cliff May homes (see 'Links' page for more info), and complete bathroom remodeling.
Based in the Southern California area, Transcontinental Construction Concepts is always ready for your project.
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About The Wonderful "Eichler Homes"


Joseph Eichler (1900-1974) was an influential real estate developer working in both the Bay Area and Greater Los Angeles. His tract homes were considerably different from other competitors; with a sleek, Mid-Century Modern design, "Eichlers", as they became known, offered access to high-art architecture normally reserved for corporate headquarters and custom-built houses. These homes are bright and airy, and have come to represent the archetypical "Mid-Century" Lifestyle.


A Word on Architect Cliff May


When one imagines a Mid-Century Southern California 'Ranch' home, Cliff May's (1909 - 1989) groundbreaking designs quickly come to mind. Born and raised in San Diego, May came from a well-established California Spanish family. His work reflects a connection to the area; his homes take full advantage of the ample California sun through the use of floor-to-ceiling windows and open floorplans. The division between indoors and out simply disappears in a Cliff May-designed home -- and the architect wouldn't have it any other way. Drawing from his Spanish heritage, May also instilled a sense of family connection through   his Ranch-house floorplans; life was centered around a common living area that was easily accessible from any room. May's influence on today's architecture is still resoundingly present, and his original homes retail   for very sizable sums.


We Have Answers


Remodelling or renovating a home can be difficult:
Does one modernize, or remain true to the original?
Can one maintain the Eichler/May aesthetic, but add modern comforts?
Will a renovation improve the property value of my home? 

At TCC, we have the know-how to answer these questions and more.
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